E911 Addressing 

The purpose of the Iredell County E911 Addressing Program is to establish road naming, addressing procedures to erect uniform signs throughout Iredell County, to eliminate the duplication of road names, and to promote the safety and wellbeing of citizens.

 A uniform addressing and road naming system for all properties throughout the County will facilitate the provision of adequate public safety and emergency response services, and to minimize difficulties in locating properties and buildings for public service agencies and the general public.

 Addressing is not arbitrary; it follows a sequence or pattern.  For instance, have you ever wondered why all the odd numbers are on one side of the road and the even numbers are on the other?  This helps our E911 responders locate your property.   Also, why is a road called a Court or a Loop?  Responders know when driving down a Court, there will be a dead-end.  When driving down a Loop, they will come out the other end.   

 Posting of Address

Most importantly, when you receive your new address, please display the property correctly.  In general, for residential structures, the number shall be posted and maintained within a three (3) foot perimeter of the front entrance, in a location visible and legible from the road.  For all other structures, the number shall be posted on the building face most readily visible from the road from which the number is assigned.  

 In the event that a structures posted number is not visible from the road, the assigned structure number shall also be posted adjacent to the driveway connection at the access road.  Posting on the mailbox itself will not fulfill this requirement.  However, structure numbers on the post supporting the mailbox are acceptable.

Now let’s get to your project.

The 1st step in permitting your project is to obtain a County E911 Address.

  For Single Address (Residential or Commercial lots):

Please have the applicant submit sufficient information to locate the parcel to address.  It can include the Parcel PIN number, acreage and property owner, a next-door neighbor address, or some other way to identify the property.  A Site Plan may be required in order to locate the driveway for the proper assignment of an address.  

 The address is based off where the driveway connects to the road (the access point).  It is not based on where the house is located.  When you call emergency services, they want to find your driveway.   That will lead to your house.  

For Multiple Addresses (Residential & Commercial Developments):

Please have the developer send a Site Plan with:

  • Name of Subdivision or Development.
  • Location of Project (PIN number, next-door address, or other way to find property).
  • Proposed road names, including suffix, placed on Site Plan.
  • Proposed road names and suffix on a separate list in alphabetical order.
  • Include lots (not needed if just naming roads), or can come later, after road names are reserved.
  • For Commercial & Multi-Family development:
    1. Have a line drawn from the road access point to the building access point – we need to know which road is the access.
    2. Show the number of units per each floor, for each building.
  • We have so many road names already in use that it can be difficult for new submittals.  If a name is already in use, you can always add a second name for simplicity (i.e., if “Ridge Road” is already in use you can submit “Ridge View Road”) for review or submit another name entirely.
  • A “Road List” spreadsheet is maintained that can be helpful for your submittals.    Please let us know if you would like a copy.
  • A different suffix will not change the road name.  So, if “Park Road” is in use, we will not approve “Park Drive.”
  • FYI: An address number is based on the driveway location.  Driveway locations can change throughout the development process so sometimes an address change is required after the project is permitted.   Identifying the Lot by the address in the deed can create confusion if the address changes.  

 Please submit to or contact:

704-878-3118 x 3765