Certificate of Occupancy

I am the job superintendent at the new industrial plant being built. When can I call for and what do I need to get my Certificate of Occupancy?
Please do not call until all of the following is completed:
  • Electricity is on the building
  • All exit and emergency lights are installed and tested
  • All fire extinguishers are proper size, type and properly mounted
  • Address posted (4" numbers – contrasting background)
  • Fire alarm, sprinklers, standpipes, fire pumps and suppression systems ready for final inspection
  • Have owners name and phone number
  • If building is to be occupied, have occupant name, phone numbers and at least 2 emergency contacts with phone numbers
  • If building is equipped with a fire alarm system, it must be monitored and a Knox Box is to be installed (Order forms are to be obtained from the Fire Marshal’s Office)
All systems must pass inspection before a final building inspection will be scheduled.

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