What does camp do? Do they stay at the drop-off site the entire day?

See the Camp Iredell home page for information specific to 2021. Some of the below information may not be applicable to 2021.

We travel! *The camps only stay at the school sites during the morning drop-off (7am-8:30am for Camp Iredell, 7:30am-8:30am for Camp Iredell Adventures) and the afternoon pick-up (4:30pm-6pm). Between 8:30am and 4:30pm, the camps will travel to various locations for their scheduled activities (parks, pools, movies, bowling, science centers, etc). Select trips may require earlier drop-off or later pick-up than usual (prior notification will be provided). 

* Travel can be subject to change (weather, etc). See NOTE below regarding potential Friday travel. 

School Sites (Drop-Off & Pick-Up): East Elementary School (Gym) in Statesville, Mt. Mourne School (Gym) in Mooresville. PICK ONE. During the day, camp will visit a variety of locations. This could include: pools, parks, movies, bowling, science centers, nature/animal centers, historical locations, baseball games, etc. Camp usually swims 2 times each week. The featured “field trips” are usually on Wednesdays (wear camp shirt). See “Parent Handbook” for additional details. 

NOTE: Due to cost-cutting procedures in place by the Iredell-Statesville school system, it may be the case that Camp Iredell will not be allowed to travel for some of the Fridays during camp (June & July). We have a use-agreement with I-SS regarding facility use and bus use. We may not be allowed to use the buses on Fridays in June & July, which means we will plan activities to be done at the sites on those days. This would not effect any scheduling on Mondays-Thursdays, and may only effect some, but not all, of our Fridays. This would not effect Camp Iredell Adventures, because they travel by van.

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8. What does camp do? Do they stay at the drop-off site the entire day?
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