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Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. Did the Health Department staff greet you in a friendly manner?
  2. Do you feel as if your issue was handled professionally?
  3. Were your questions answered completely and to your satisfaction?
  4. In your opinion, did the employee(s) involved with your issue have a thorough understanding of their department and was able to assist you with that knowledge?
  5. If you made a phone call to this department, was the employee answering the phone courteous and helpful, transferring you quickly to the person who could best assist you?
  6. Do the hours of service available to you meet your needs?
  7. How would you rate your experience with the department?
  8. How would you rate your overall experience with the Iredell County departments, employees, and services?
  9. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Iredell County website?
  10. Did you find what you were looking for on this site?
  11. Was the navigation system helpful?
  12. We appreciate your comments. If you would like someone to contact you, please let us know the most convenient method and time of day.
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